About Power Electronics

- Sep 23, 2018-

Electronic technology includes two branches of information electronics and power electronics. The so-called analog electronic technology and digital electronic technology are all related to information electronic technology. Power electronics technology is an electronic technology used in the power field. Specifically, it is a technology that uses power electronics to transform and control electrical energy. The power electronic devices used are all made of semiconductors, so they are also called power semiconductor devices. The "electricity" transformed by power electronics technology can be as large as hundreds of MW or even GW, or as small as several W or even less than 1W. Information electronics is mainly used for information processing, while power electronics technology is mainly used for power conversion.

Power electronics involves the field of control and conversion of power supplies by semiconductor switch enablers. The emergence of semiconductor rectification control and miniaturization of semiconductor silicon has created a new field of power electronics applications. Semiconductor silicon rectification and mercury arc rectifiers are used to control power supplies, but such rectification circuits are only part of industrial electronics and are limited in their application to mercury arc rectifiers. The application of semiconductor silicon rectification involves many fields, such as automobiles, power stations, avionics, and high frequency inverters.