Analysis on the development of control system of continuous rolling mill by professional manufacturers

- Jul 24, 2018-

    Mill professional manufacturers, in fact, the control system of rolling mill is mainly made up of continuous rolling unit, computer and measuring instrument control device, which belongs to a kind of processing system which controls the processing size of steel aluminum and other materials.

    In the initial stage, the rolling speed of continuous rolling mill is low, and the product quality requirements are not high, the general use of artificial control can be completed production. With the development of technology, all aspects of the requirements are constantly improving. In this case, the rolling production line gradually adopts computer control. The rolling force adjustment system is mainly used to compensate the rolling force fluctuation caused by the eccentric roll, the mill professional manufacturer thinks.

   In practical application, the rolling force value is measured by a pressure-measuring head or a hydraulic pressure measuring sensor, and then transformed into an electrical signal. Mill professional manufacturers explained that, and then these electrical signals will be input into the microcomputer, or input into the electronic regulation line to adjust the hydraulic pressure position, so that the system can follow the roll eccentric movement to achieve the rolling force compensation adjustment, reduce the rolling force fluctuations caused by the cyclical thickness deviation.

   The setting value of the Rolling force regulation system is generally given by the tension or thickness adjusting system. Mill professional manufacturers, it is necessary to note that if the mill control system is configured with the corresponding rolling force adjustment system, then the adjustment of the tension adjustment system is output as rolling force.