Development Status and Trend of Electric Power Agricultural Machinery

- Sep 15, 2018-

Advantage Analysis of Electric Power Agricultural Machinery

The traditional agricultural machinery is mainly powered by fuel. Although it has a large power, it is cumbersome and has a small operating space. Modern agricultural machinery adopts electric power, which makes the structure simpler and tighter in design, smaller in size, flexible and convenient in operation, and more suitable for operation in special sites such as hills, mountains and greenhouses. In recent years, China has become a major energy-consuming country. The level of oil dependence on imports is getting higher and higher, and the price of oil is also rising. As a renewable resource, electricity costs nearly 80% lower than fuel, and the electric drive is extremely simple in structure, low in maintenance and use, and easy to control. At the same time, electricity is also used as an environmentally friendly energy source to achieve zero emissions of pollutants. [1] 

Development status of electric power agricultural machinery

China's current electric power agricultural machinery mainly includes two types, one is wired electric power agricultural machinery, and the other is mobile electric power agricultural machinery.

1. Wired electric power agricultural machinery

Wired electric power agricultural machinery mainly exists in the category of agricultural product processing and irrigation and drainage machinery. Wired electric power agricultural machinery has a simple and compact structure, small size, flexible operation, low cost of use and maintenance, and has become a common type of machinery used in agricultural machinery. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, agriculture is also facing tremendous reforms. In recent years, new technologies have been used to automate greenhouse greenhouses, providing a necessary environment for the use of wired electric power agricultural machinery, and providing possibilities for the development of multifunctional greenhouse machinery. The operation of arable land, sowing, fertilization, etc. will be realized at one time. Wired electric power agricultural machinery meets the requirements of greenhouse greenhouse operations, greatly improving operational efficiency, and ensuring the premise of green environmental protection, and the future market prospects are excellent.

2. Mobile electric power agricultural machinery

The most critical feature of mobile electro-dynamic agricultural machinery is that it is powered by a mobile power source such as a battery, and generally has a small power. There are two main types: one is garden plant protection electric power machinery. The requirements of garden plant protection electric power machinery are mainly small power and easy to carry, so the main representative machine is a small sprayer with small output power, but it can be used by the operator's harness. China has successfully imitated a hand-held electric sprayer by actively introducing British technology. The power source of this type of agricultural machinery mainly uses batteries and dry batteries. The weight of the whole machine does not exceed 5kg, which is widely loved by the masses of farmers.

With the in-depth study of scientific research institutions, the types of electric power agricultural machinery are also continuously enriched, and the functions of electric power machinery are also constantly upgrading. Including the small electric garden pruning machine invented by Mudanjiang Forestry Research Institute, the electric mulberry shearing machine developed by Sichuan Silkworm Research Institute, and the electric cotton picking machine developed by China Cotton Technology Company. A large number of newly developed electric power agricultural machinery have reached the requirements of practical use and are expected to be widely promoted. The second is the field operation of electric power machinery. The field generally has a wide area and is greatly affected by the external environment, and the required output power is also large. If the battery or dry battery is used as the power source, the actual use requirements can no longer be achieved. The development of suitable electric power sources has become a key link in the development of large-scale electric power agricultural machinery in the field. With the continuous reduction of energy resources and rising prices, electric agricultural machinery and equipment has once again become a research hotspot. Nanjing Agricultural University has boldly introduced the latest foreign technology, combined with its own scientific and technological achievements, and successfully developed an electric tractor with a lead-acid battery as its power source. The tractor's maximum output power can reach more than 10kW, and it can provide continuous electric energy for 8h. It has successfully won a place in China for large-scale electric power agricultural machinery. Later, Changzhi City Agricultural Machinery Research Institute developed a DC electric cultivator, Anhui Agricultural University developed an electric power tea picker, and South China Agricultural University developed a stepper type rice transplanter powered by a lithium battery.