How to prevent roll gap change in rolling mill

- Jul 24, 2018-

    I do not know whether we have found that, in the use of rolling mill different metal materials, as a result of metals in the force will be deformed, while the mill's base and roll will also be subjected to a certain force, and under the action of force will also appear a certain deformation.

    As a result, the gap between the rollers will change and eventually the size of the rolled parts will change. We must pay enough attention to this problem, because if we leave it, the problem will deteriorate and it will eventually cause great trouble. Therefore, when we design the mill, we need to consider this problem, in order to ensure that its use effect, we need to ensure that it has sufficient stiffness coefficient.

    This will minimize the negative impact. So what are the main factors that affect this coefficient? Under normal circumstances, the structure and size of the mill will affect its rigidity coefficient, especially the size of the roller system. We usually set the stiffness coefficient to a common value, and then adjust the actual needs. Of course, we can calculate the necessary stiffness coefficient by way of calculation.

    However, you still need to measure to get the actual value you need. In the process of measuring, we can generally use two different methods to complete, one of which is the rolling plate method, the other is the pressure to rely on the method. In comparison, the latter is simpler.

    As long as the determination of its,Stiffness coefficient, then we can according to the expected requirements of processing, this can also solve the roll gap to become larger and lead to changes in the processing of the problem. The above content for everyone simple analysis of the rolling mill, the main reasons for changes in roll Gap, as well as preventive measures. I believe that through this introduction and analysis, we have a certain understanding of these content, but also hope that we can be a good solution to this problem.