Jet classifier performance characteristics

- Oct 04, 2018-

1. Since the powder is pre-dispersed in the raw material spray pipe by using high-pressure gas, it is especially suitable for fine classification of ultra-fine and viscous materials, and can be classified into spherical, flake and irregular shaped particles. Different density particles can be classified.

2, accurate and thorough large particle culling function, vertex cutting is very accurate. The granularity of the graded product can reach d100: 3 ~ 30 microns, and the product granularity can be adjusted steplessly. It is especially suitable for powder products that are particularly averse to large particles, such as polishing powder.

3. Very stable grading performance. The grading effect does not change with the wear or start of the device, nor does it change due to the size of the device model. That is to say, the classification accuracy of the size and size classifier is completely consistent and easy to maintain.