Problems in electric agricultural machinery

- Sep 15, 2018-

1, battery capacity problem

  1. The use of cable electric power as a power source for agricultural machinery requires a dry, good external environment, which seriously affects the scope of use. The use of batteries as the power source of agricultural machinery is small in size and flexible in operation, but the fatal disadvantage is that the storage of electric energy is small, which strictly limits the further development of electric power agricultural machinery. Therefore, the most critical technology for electric power agricultural machinery is battery capacity. With the rapid development of electric vehicles in China, the technology of storage batteries has also increased rapidly, providing a reference for electric power agricultural machinery. However, the use environment of agricultural machinery is more severe than that of automobiles, and correspondingly, there is a higher requirement for insulation and protection of batteries. At the same time, the used batteries have certain pollution to the soil and the environment. If the recycling is not timely or improperly handled, it will cause greater environmental problems.

2, the motor problem

The drive of electric power agricultural machinery lies in the motor, and the quality of the motor directly affects the overall operation level of the machine. Because the operating places of agricultural machinery are mostly open-air fields, the ground is uneven, and the large vibration seriously affects the work of the motor. Therefore, according to the working environment of agricultural machinery, a reasonable motor can be selected. The low-power agricultural machinery can adopt permanent magnet DC motor, and the high-power agricultural machinery adopts squirrel-cage asynchronous AC motor.

3. Supporting facilities problems

Electric agricultural machinery has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient operation. However, electric agricultural machinery has different working principles from traditional fuel machinery. Those who used to perform mechanical maintenance and repair have been unable to meet the requirements of the post. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit electric power professionals and combine the actual conditions of agricultural machinery to carry out professional maintenance of machinery. At the same time, high-power electric power agricultural machinery needs to be equipped with professional charging equipment, and further improvement is needed.