Safe operation of power equipment

- Sep 18, 2018-


The requirements for safe operation of power equipment involve the following four aspects. [2] 

1. Power station

The design, construction and selection of power equipment must be in accordance with the requirements of the design and construction of the power station. This is the basic condition for ensuring the safe operation of power equipment.

(1) The layout, design, construction of the power station and its auxiliary facilities and the process layout of the power equipment must meet the requirements of relevant regulations.

(2) The production capacity and kinetic energy quality of power equipment must meet the needs of production, and the power pipeline must be laid out reasonably and reliably.

(3) The installation and commissioning of power equipment and pipeline system must meet the requirements of relevant regulations and undergo strict inspection and acceptance.

2. Management agency

There is a sound power equipment management organization, equipped with appropriate and high-quality management personnel, technical personnel, operational operators and equipment operators.

3. Inspection system

Strict safety inspection, equipment technical status inspection and equipment maintenance and repair system to prevent and control accidents.

(1) Establish a daily inspection and periodic inspection system, and gradually adopt state monitoring technology to detect and detect and repair accident defects and equipment.

(2) Establish a sound daily maintenance system, plan pre-repair system, and implement the equipment pre-repair plan to ensure that the power equipment is in good condition.

(3) Formulate various technical standards such as safety inspection, quality inspection and environmental monitoring according to relevant regulations and regulations, as the basis for inspection of power equipment and power pipelines.

(4) Establish a complete collection, sorting, storage and lending system for technical data, and provide necessary technical information for inspection, maintenance and repair of power equipment and pipelines.

(5) Equipped with sufficient and advanced testing instruments and instruments to ensure inspection and monitoring.

4. Liability system

There are strict safety operation procedures and perfect liability system, such as various safety work procedures, operation and operation procedures, various operation management systems, and projects, deadlines and technical standards for conducting preventive tests to ensure the safe operation of power equipment.