Technical Essentials of aluminum foil rolling mill installation

- Jul 24, 2018-

    For now, many aluminum foil plants in the production process will use a device, is aluminum foil mill. The device can be said to be the core equipment used in these production operations.

    Because the performance of aluminum foil mill will directly determine the product and quality. Therefore, from the market point of view, we should not only ensure that the aluminum foil mill normal high-speed continuous operation of the state, but also need to ensure the quality of its products, to meet high-precision requirements.

    Therefore, in order to meet this requirement, on the one hand, we need to continuously improve the performance of the equipment, on the other hand, to ensure its installation accuracy. So how do you do that when you actually install it? Here we will analyze the aluminum foil rolling mill installation technical points, I hope to help everyone.

    First of all, in the process of installation work, we need to prepare the appropriate tools and other conditions.

    For example, a manufacturer to ensure the installation accuracy, in the installation process, at the same time the use of high precision detection technology and measurement technology, but also particularly the use of acoustic (optical) Electrical method measurement technology, so that the aluminum foil mill level, verticality, concentricity and parallelism of the installation deviation control in a higher precision level range. In addition, in the actual installation of the operation, in order to further improve the installation accuracy of the mill, but also particularly considering the installation accuracy of its base.

    Therefore, the control of the elevation and level of the pad group is based on the adjustment of the three-pin fixed plate, which satisfies the installation quality standard. The above is mainly for you to introduce the installation of aluminum foil Mill technical points, I hope that in the understanding of these content, you can refer to the contents of the installation to ensure that the aluminum foil mill can run normally.