Type of power equipment

- Sep 17, 2018-

Power equipment is a device that converts, transmits and adjusts various potential energy sources in nature. That is, in the production process of the enterprise, it can transform the potential of nature into mechanical energy, then convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy. For example, thermal power generation first converts the potential of fuel into heat, converts thermal energy into mechanical energy, then converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, and finally, sends electricity to the consumer through wires.

Power equipment is divided into the following categories according to the different links in the power system: [1]

1. Power generation equipment. Such as steam boilers, steam engines, camel machines, steam turbines, gasoline engines, diesel engines, generators, etc.

2. Power transmission and distribution equipment. Such as transformers, switchboards, rectifiers, etc.

3. Power consumption equipment. Such as electric motors, electric furnaces, electrolyzers, pneumatic picks, electric welders, electrical equipment, etc.