What are the advantages of multi-roll mill compared with ordinary mill?

- Jul 24, 2018-

   Compared with ordinary mill equipment, when using a multi-roll mill, you will enjoy a different advantage?

   For this problem, there should be a lot of friends are more concerned about the following we will be together to analyze, hoping to deepen the understanding of everyone in the future work can be better to apply it. In fact, the advantages of the multi-roll mill is still a lot of, in many ways, such as the work of the equipment roll is to support the rollers as a medium to support.

   Therefore, in the width direction, its roll is only a small bending force, so we can choose a small diameter work roll.

   Secondly, compared to the stiffness and hardness of the equipment has been significantly improved, so in the actual work, can guarantee the processing accuracy of the product. Third, the multi-roll mill has a good adaptability, it can be applied to different working occasions, can also be used to process different materials, but also can significantly improve the thickness of the rolling.

   In addition, the device is exposed to a small number of deformation areas, so that only the need to provide a small total rolling force can meet the processing requirements, so can reduce energy consumption. 4th, the use of this multiple-roll mill can simplify the workflow, save time, which is equivalent to improve the efficiency. At the same time can also save a lot of users cost, increase economic benefits.

   5th, because of the increase of rolling tension, it can obviously improve the strip plate and straightness. In addition, because of the structural improvement, the volume of the multi-roll mill has been reduced, which can save investment costs. At the same time, because of the use of direct pressure design, so the equipment can also be rolled thicker raw materials, but also effectively improve the safety of production work.