A Brief Introduction To Rolling Mill

- Jul 24, 2018-

    Generally speaking, the mill equipment is by default a kind of equipment that can complete the metal rolling process. That is to finish the whole process of rolling production equipment, including the main equipment, ancillary equipment, lifting and transportation equipment and ancillary equipment.

    However, in the actual production of the mill is often referred to only the main equipment. Do you know how the mill is named? Mill professional manufacturers, in fact, generally in the name of the time, mainly according to the rolling varieties, mill type and nominal size to name. The principle of "nominal size" is named for the profile rolling mill in terms of the circular diameter of the herringbone gear of the gear holder. The first rolling mill is named with the nominal diameter of the roller. As for the strip mill, it is usually named after the length of the work roll body. The steel tube Mill is named for the maximum pipe diameter.

    In some cases, the name of the device's inventor may also be named. Of course, the selection of rolling mill is also very exquisite.

    Mill professional manufacturers explained that, in general, in the process of selection, the type and size of finished or semi-finished mills are selected mainly according to the product variety, specifications, quality and production requirements, and the necessary ancillary, lifting and ancillary equipment are then selected in accordance with the requirements of various factors. So, from the current application situation to analyze the future of the mill development will be?

    Mill professional manufacturers believe that at present, the general trend of the rolling mill is towards continuous, automation, specialization, high product quality, low consumption of the target forward. After years of accumulated experience and continuous innovation, the design of the mill and the level of production have been significantly improved. Mill professional manufacturers said that today a variety of rolling mill equipment, such as hot and cold rolling mill, heavy plate mill, high-speed wire mill, H profile mill and continuous rolling tube units, such as the use of better performance, production speed has also been significantly improved.