Brief Introduction On Temperature Control Of Hot Rolling Mill

- Jul 24, 2018-

   In the process of hot rolling mill, the temperature control system mainly includes two parts, which are reversible mill temperature control system and continuous mill temperature control system respectively.

   The data transmission is mainly based on high-speed industrial Ethernet communication, and the signal of high temperature measurement sensor is transmitted to the temperature control unit by Fieldbus. Then in the computer processing and analysis of these signals, output control signal, so as to control the speed of the motor drive system and the flow of the injection system to achieve the temperature control of the strip in the allowable range.

   Mill professional manufacturers said that in fact, the rolling process of hot rolling mill, reversible rolling mills and continuous rolling strip temperature changes, will have a direct impact on the quality and shape of the strip. From this point of view, in order to ensure the quality of products, it is necessary to accurately control the reversible mill export transfer billet temperature. Also consider the main problems related to temperature control, such as strip width, different alloys and uses.

   Because if these factors are different, then the requirements for temperature control are not the same. Especially in the process of rolling the different alloy materials by rolling mill, the temperature variation of these strips is different.

   Mill professional manufacturers, based on this consideration, it is necessary in the reversible mill export installation of a strip temperature control system, including the main components of the control computer systems, injection systems and temperature detection system. In addition to the source of the reversible mill, a set of spray device for cooling strip was added. This allows for independent control of the nozzle control valves in different regions.