Characteristics And Flushing Mechanism Of Hydraulic Piping For Rolling Mill

- Jul 24, 2018-

In the rolling work, one should pay attention to control the running state of the mill, on the other hand to ensure that the hydraulic piping system running normally.

Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements, the mill piping subsystem mainly includes auxiliary hydraulic, servo hydraulic, thin oil lubrication of the lower gear, transmission roll and bending roll drive dilute oil lubrication, oil film bearing dilute oil lubrication, high-pressure descaling water, dry oil lubrication and equipment cooling water, etc. Normally, in the process of piping, the pipe used for the cooling of the crane should be made of carbon steel seamless pipe, and the other system should use stainless steel seamless pipe. In order to ensure the normal operation of the entire system, it is necessary to regularly flush the pipeline.

Integrated mill piping System, which is the most difficult to wash the hydraulic pipe. This is because in the actual production, the mill of which the number of hydraulic pipe, but also for the construction and other aspects of the requirements are more stringent. For example, usually requires auxiliary hydraulic reach NAS Level 7, servo-hydraulic reach NAS level 5.

In addition, because the equipment itself is relatively compact, and the layout of the pipeline is relatively dense, so further increase the difficulty of construction. Usually after the installation of the mill is completed before the piping can be carried out. And in the hydraulic part, due to the large number of actuators, pipeline pipe many, hydraulic pipeline flushing circuit is more, so the hydraulic pipeline in the process of washing need to spend a long time.

When flushing, the ability of the flushing fluid to remove particles from the surface of the tube wall should be proportional to the effective energy on the interface of the tube. From the actual application of the analysis, in order to achieve better flushing effect, it is necessary to make the flushing fluid flow to form a turbulent flow. This is because the fluid in the turbulent state, can better the mill hydraulic pipe inside the wall of the pollutants removed.