Introduction Of Flexible Dynamic Model Of Rolling Mill System For Professional Mill Manufacturers

- Jul 24, 2018-

    In the process of analyzing the flexible dynamics of rolling mill system, it is necessary to establish the corresponding model first. In the process of establishing the model, different models can be used according to different situations. At present, the main can be divided into three kinds of models.

    The first is the flexible coupling dynamic model of rolling mill system. We know that combined with the development trend in recent years to analyze the future of the rolling mill equipment development direction is mainly towards flexible large-scale broadband mill development. Mill Professional manufacturers believe that the resulting rolling piece width is wider, roll body length longer. Therefore, the rolling mill rolls are elastic continuum, and the rollers are considered as isotropic beams. On this basis, the forced vibration model of rolling mill Roll is established under the action of roll pressure and bending moment, and the forced vibration equation under different force action is determined.

    The dynamic nature of the roll system is reflected more realistically in the physical and mechanical properties of the model.

    Mill professional manufacturers explained that, while the rolling mill system plate flexible dynamic model is based on the motion beam theory, according to the rolling process in the vibration of the two-dimensional model of the plate, at the same time set up the motion of the strip tension model. Based on this model, we can further determine the natural frequencies of the system.

    According to the professional manufacturer of the mill, the dynamic characteristics and stability of the moving strip under tensile stress are analyzed, and the stability and critical rolling speed of the system are determined by judging the eigenvalue of the system. Mill professional Manufacturers said, in addition to the existing materials can be established rolling mill roll-rolling parts of the dynamic model of multiple parameters. This will help to study the overall dynamic performance of the unit.