Main Points Of Fault Maintenance For Rolling Mill

- Jul 24, 2018-

   Because in the practical application, the working environment condition of the mill equipment is very bad, so during the work, may encounter some unexpected phenomenon.

    For example, rolling cooling water encountered red burning billet rapid atomization, with the steel from the surface of the iron oxide powder to spray around, roll through the housing to the rack arch caused a greater impact. Not only that, if this happens for a long time, it may also lead to different degrees of corrosion wear in the inner window and the bottom of the rack arch of the mill rack. The mill professional manufacturers believe that this will lead to the gap between the mill frame and the roller bearing seat is difficult to be effectively controlled.

   As a result, there may be a gap exceeding the management limit of the mill racks and roller housings. More importantly, as the gap increases, it will further aggravate the working conditions of the mill main drive system.

   Mill Professional manufacturers believe that there may be a major transmission vibration impact, the ingot bite is prone to slippage, affecting the shape of the control, and thus will have a serious negative impact on product quality. So how do we solve this problem? To know in the actual work, most of the mill Arch is made of ordinary steel castings as raw materials, in the long-term use of the window surface vulnerable to corrosion and wear of the role of the deterioration of working conditions.

   Mill professional manufacturers said that the current is usually the use of online machining methods to repair the arch. This kind of repair method is simple to operate, but because it does not fundamentally improve the nature of the arch, so after a period of time after the use of the arch surface will be corrosion and wear and failure. Mill professional manufacturers, another more advanced method is the use of polymer composite materials to solve the mill arch wear problems.