Mill Professional Manufacturers Tell About Safety Measures

- Jul 24, 2018-

    We know that in the process of production operations, no matter when and where, we must ensure safety. So in the use of cold mill equipment, what are the safety measures?

    Next let us follow the mill professional manufacturers together to understand the specific content of it!

    Mill professional manufacturers, in fact, from the actual production operations, on the cold rolling machine safety mainly includes three aspects, respectively: regular maintenance, day-to-day safety operations and day-to-day training management, and its specific measures are as follows: First, take a look at the security issues that you need to be aware of in your overhaul. Mill professional manufacturers believe that in the maintenance of cold rolling, the inspectors must strictly enforce the power off, hanging prohibit the warning card and set up a dedicated guardianship system. Once the power is cut off, it must be confirmed that its inertia operation has been completely eliminated before it can be worked. Overhaul before the commissioning, but also need to further check the site, to confirm the mechanical part of the total evacuation of all the appropriate card closing.

   No one is allowed to stay in the equipment to carry out the order of the car during overhaul and commissioning. Secondly, the safety problems needing attention in the process of operation are carried out. Mill professional manufacturers explained that in the day-to-day operation, should pay attention to ensure good emergency braking device, the brake button position must enable the operator in the scope of the mechanical activities can be reached at any time. And the cold rolling mill equipment transmission parts must have a reliable protective device.

   In addition, to ensure that the on-site operating environment is good, unrelated personnel must not enter the operation site. Finally, the training and management of staff should be strengthened. Mill professional manufacturers said that all operators must undergo professional training and examination through, before they can mount. In the work, we must carefully operate, strict implementation of the relevant rules and regulations, the correct use of labor protection supplies, strictly prohibited to start cold rolling machine equipment.