Performance Introduction Of Common Category Of Rolling Mill

- Jul 24, 2018-

   At present in the market, there are many types of rolling mill, generally can be divided according to the arrangement and number of rollers.

   One of the two-roll mill equipment structure is relatively simple, and widely used, it can be further divided into reversible and irreversible. In comparison, the working roll diameter of the four-bar mill is smaller, the rolling torque is transferred, and the rolling pressure is borne by the supporting roller with larger diameter.

    The main advantage of this kind of equipment is relatively stiffness, large pressure, small rolling force, can be rolled thin plate, but also includes reversible and continuous rolling two kinds. The five rollers include two structural forms, one is contact-bending-straightening mill. The device is actually a four-roll mill with a small diameter idling roll that bends the rolled parts, and its pressure is many times larger than that of the ordinary mill.

    The plastic bending deformation of the rolled workpiece around the small idling roller can be used to roll the hard deformed metal and alloy strip.

   Another type of equipment is often used for rolling thickness tolerance of small stainless steel, carbon steel and non-ferrous metal strip, where the position of the small rollers can be along the mill entrance or export direction to maintain the correct thickness of the rolled pieces. In comparison, the HC type belongs to a kind of excellent performance, which can be used to control the roll shape of the mill. It can also be seen as a four-roll mill between the work roll and the support roll to add a pair of axial moving middle roller equipment.

   The equipment is generally used as cold rolled broadband steel. In addition, there is also a more popular equipment, called the offset eight-roll mill, the work roll diameter of this equipment is 1/6 of the supporting roll, and make a relative offset to prevent the horizontal bending of the work roll. The working rolls of this mill have good stability and high level stiffness, which is used for cold rolled refractory steel, silicon steel and nonferrous metal strip.