What Are The Advantages Of New Mill Design? What Are The Special Rolls That Are Equipped With?

- Jul 24, 2018-

    We know that in the process of improving the mill equipment, its structure design is obviously optimized and upgraded. So do you know what new advantages this mill equipment has after new design improvements?

    In fact, the new equipment has a very attractive place, that is to achieve the speed of rolling the flexible adjustment. Thus, in the actual production, the performance of rolling mill equipment will be more fully play, and this is to achieve automation, continuous operation of the foundation.

    Of course, there are many other advantages, for example, when the latest design and production of equipment in the production process can also guarantee the tensile strength of finished steel, at the same time can greatly enhance the elongation and the maximum strength of the total elongation, and further improve the mechanical properties of the product, overcome the cold rolled steel bar ductility of the problem. In addition, after the improvement, the current rolling mill equipment is a passive one-rolling production, can achieve two rolling, not only solve the problem of speed, but also changed the traditional four-way rolling, production efficiency significantly improved.

    At the same time also flexible application of automatic control calculation to ensure that the product appearance of accurate size, good surface quality. From the above introduction can be seen, continuous innovation and improvement will be able to further improve the use of the mill equipment on the basis of the performance. At the same time, also significantly improve the quality of finished steel, while improving production efficiency, to bring maximum benefits to customers. So, do you know what special rolls are available with them?

    In fact, rolls are a very important component of any mill equipment. Even some of the mill equipment is specially equipped with some of the more special rolls, is to meet these special rolling requirements. For example, cemented carbide rolls, which are pressed and sintered with tungsten carbide powder, are suitable for high speed rolling because of their excellent abrasion resistance. The general high speed wire mill is equipped with this roll