AC Series Reactor

AC Series Reactor

One, product description 1.Series reactor, inside through the AC, its role is in series with the power factor compensation capacitor, the steady-state harmonic (5, 7, 11, 13) form a series resonance. There are usually 4.5 ~ 6 reactance rate (%) reactor, the 5 harmonicreactance rate of 6% usually...
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One, product description

1.Series reactor, inside through the AC, its role is in series with the power factor compensation capacitor, the steady-state harmonic (5, 7, 11, 13) form a series resonance. There are usually 4.5 ~ 6 reactance rate (%) reactor, the 5 harmonicreactance rate of 6% usually belong to the high inductance of reactor, the 3 harmonic is usually 12 ~ 13 reactance rate (%), the 2 harmonic is usually 26 ~ 27reactance rate (%) is a very high value of reactor.

2.Safety, fire fire, environmental protection and no pollution, can be directly installed in the load center. Imported epoxy resin, the product has high mechanical strength, strong anti short circuit ability, low partial discharge, high reliability. Low loss, low noise, maintenance free, easy installation, obvious energy saving effect. Damp proof performance is good, can run in a high humidity in tropical regions and other harsh environments.

Two, for the environment

1. altitude: not more than 2000 meters;

2. operating ambient temperature -25 ~ +45 (c), relative humidity of not more than 90%;

3. No harmful gas, inflammable and explosive materials;

4. Surrounding environment should be good ventilation conditions, such as series reactor installed in the cabinet, the installation of ventilation equipment.

Three, product features

1. can be used for 400V, 660V system;

2. types of reactance rate: 1%, 6%, 12%;

3. rated insulation level 3KV/min;

4. Temperature rise of each part of the series reactor core values: not more than 85K, the coil temperature does not exceed 95K;

5. Series reactor noise is not greater than 45dB;

6. Series reactor can run in the frequency and harmonic current is not greater than 1.35 times the rated current;

7. The linearity of the reactance value: 1.8 times the rated current of the reactancevalue and the rated current of the electric resistance value of not less than 0.95;

8. Any two reactance series reactor value difference is not greater than ± 3%;

9. Temperature resistant grade H (180 ℃) above.

Four, the technical parameters

Insulation: dry type reactor

There is no iron: iron core reactor

Product certification: CE

Use: Series Reactor

Rated current: 10 ~ 1000 (A)

The system rated voltage: 0.4 (KV)

Model No.: CKSG-30/0.4
Brand: Sutton