Current Limiting Reactor

Current Limiting Reactor

One, product description The company designed and manufactured a current limiting reactor is connected in series 0.4 ~ 63 (kV) transmission system, in case of a system failure, to limit the short circuit current, the short circuit current value to allow subsequentequipment. Now the power system...
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One, product description

The company designed and manufactured a current limiting reactor is connected in series 0.4 ~ 63 (kV) transmission system, in case of a system failure, to limit the short circuit current, the short circuit current value to allow subsequentequipment. Now the power system with all kinds of current limiting reactor, is oftenfixed inductance type reactor, but the system voltage is not stable, coupled with the replacement of equipment, expansion or reconstruction, we need different resistance to the current limiting reactor to meet the normal operation of the gridand inverter, DC converter, motor soft starter equipment, filter the harmonic interference. Better effect, limiting the short-circuit current and breaking currentof motor.

Two, the implementation of standards

Standard 1.GB/T10229-1988 reactor

Standard 2.JB5346-1998 series reactor

Standard 3.IEC289:1987 reactor

Three, insulation grade: F or H

Four, for the environment

1 elevation not exceeding 2000m;

2 ambient temperature -25 ~ +45 (c), relative humidity of not more than 90%;

3 power supply voltage waveform similar to sine wave;No harmful gas around .

4 non flammable and explosive articles;

5 ventilation conditions of the surrounding environment should be good, such as installed in the cabinet, the installation of ventilation equipment.

Five, the technical parameters

Insulation: dry type reactor

There is no iron: iron core reactor

Product certification: CE

Use: current limiting reactor

Rated current: 100 ~ 10000 (A)

System rated voltage: 0.4 ~ 63 (KV)

Model No.: XKSG-0.4/100-8