Parallel Connection Input Reactor

Parallel Connection Input Reactor

One, product introduction Input reactor mounted in the converter input reactor, limiting surge current,reduce the harmonic content of input current, protection of motor drivenelectronic components and DC capacitor will not be the main power sag process,improve power factor, stable operation...
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Product Details

One, product introduction

Input reactor mounted in the converter input reactor, limiting surge current,reduce the harmonic content of input current, protection of motor drivenelectronic components and DC capacitor will not be the main power sag process,improve power factor, stable operation speed regulating device, prolong the service life.

Two, performance specification

1. high quality silicon steel core, core column by multiple air gap into uniformpieces, the air gap with high temperature and high strength adhesive each shortcolumn, and on the lower yoke tightly bonded together, input reactor core endadopts high quality anti rust paint spraying process, the reactor core surfacerust, in operation greatly to reduce the noise and vibration;

2. input reactor using vacuum impregnation process, through high temperaturebaking curing. The coil has good insulation performance, the overall high mechanical strength, good humidity resistance;

3.Coil adopts F, H class insulation system, greatly improving the reliability of long-term operation;

4. low temperature rise, low loss, low cost, high comprehensive utilization rate;

5. input reactor has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small occupied space, convenient installation.

Three, technical specifications

Rated voltage: 3*220 ~ 1140 (VAC)

Operating frequency: 50HZ

Rated current: 5 ~ 1500 (A)

Environment temperature: -25 ~ +80 (c)

Operating and storage: -40 ~ +45 (c)

Insulation grade: F/H

Shell protection grade: IPOO/IP23

Height: <1000M

Dielectric strength: core winding 4200VAC/50Hz/5mA/10s no arc breakdown (factory test)

Design standards: EN61558-2-20 (VDE0570-2-20)

Rated insulation level: 5KV/min